Funny thing, this is my writeup that's going to get me to lvl 2, so YAY ME!
I had a very bad night lastnight. Appropriately, I had a very good dream. I dont remember it all, but I know there were cute girls in it. Like most of my cute girl dreams it wasn't a wet dream or really anything of a blatantly sexual nature, I just feel very relaxed in the presence of cute girls who I know and trust. Anyways, back to the dream.
Sitting somewhere in a building with a wall missing, talking about our lives. These are the types of dreams I have when I've had a very hard day. While I never know what I said in the dream, I have a good idea once I wake up. I talk about the things in my life that I push aside into my deep subconcious because they're either too hard to deal with conciously, or they're just unimportant at the time. The problem is they build up and I throw myself into this dream where I basicly meditate on them. Sorry this isn't much of a dream, but that's kind of how it is in these dreams. Not so much a dream, but a subconcious therapy session with made up crazy people. -doug