It's not every day one gets to nuke the Constitution.

The chaos of constitutional amentment nodes finally ticked me off enough to clean things up:

  • I chose the Roman Numeral form for the 'standard' form of node names, since it was the only complete set. The gods can change things around if they decide a different form is better.
  • Duplicate texts of several amendments were deleted, and all commentary will eventually be reparented by some infinitely patient god. Please be nice to Woundweavr since it lost the most writeups (11). Saige, blaaf, dannye, CentrX, and Lord Brawl also merit a crumb of sympathy; the necessary reparenting and nodeshell deletion requests have been submitted.
  • Infinite_Void's writeup under The Constitution of the United States Of America was truncated to represent just The Constitution, preferring CentrX's complete list of well-linked writeups to the 27 amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Amendment 2 stays as it discusses an amendment to a state constitution. This is the only node of this form.
  • Deleted JeffMagnus' Constitution writeup, as that was the only contingency his email left me.
  • Deleted Myconid's Preamble and Article I; they would probably have lived if the author had finished all seven articles.
  • Constitutional amendments in general will be indexed at Amendments to the Constitution of the United States Of America once Padre's great index writeup is reparented there; firmlinks will take care of search contingencies.
  • Add enough linked/locked nodeshells to form a complete set in all three forms.
  • To date, only amendments to the U.S. Constitution have been noded. Of course, we have to allow for the contingency that some enterprising noder may want to sumbit the amendments to his/her own country's constitution. This may mean that the final U.S. Constitutional Amendment node titles may have to be in some nasty namespaced form. At least one non-US noder had come out in strong support of this notion.
  • Nuked Operation Tidy Spring: Or, Amending the Amendments with penalty; its author is an idiot.