It's been forever since my last daylog, so this will be a bit of an update.

First off, I'd like to give my condolences to any friends of hermetic. I myself did not know him, but I know he was friend to many and loved by many, and my thoughts and prayers will be with his family.

I would also like to send similar thoughts to those who knew anyone affected by the New York and DC tragedy (all of us in other words). I myself have a friend at NYU, who is fine but very shook up, and I hope he is ok.

Now that all the sadness is taken care of, I would love to describe the wonderfully happy week I've had (as of a week ago yesterday), not to draw light from the series of happenings Tuesday, but someone has to be happy right?

On Tuesday I met an incredible woman - Kristin (not the one mentioned on July 8, 2001 or August 14, 2001). She's about 6 months younger than me with gorgeous blonde hair, smooth skin, and beautiful slate gray eyes. On top of all this, she's frighteningly smart (1590 SAT, I don't really care, but damn it's impressive ain't it?). After knowing her a week we're already officially at "boyfriend/girlfriend" status (we kinda skipped dating entirely and just went on mutual attraction).

Friday night, after watching a few foreign films at a festival we attended on campus, we kissed. It was my, and - as I later found out - her(s?), first kiss and it was amazing (as were the hundred some odd that followed in the next day or two).

The only downside to this is that I got a little behind in classes by ignoring them to be with her. So I have to play a little catch up in Physics, Cal II, and American History - especially if I'm going to go with her to this anime-fest thing she wants me to go to.

On a technical note - I have fixed all problems with my DVD player. As mentioned on August 21, 2001, my new motherboard was having odd conflicts with my Ricoh CDRW/DVD drive. These have been fixed with a simple update patch which I received after my network was fixed today around noon. I don't know WHY it started working, I simply uninstalled my NIC and reinstalled it and the school's network allows me access now. I don't understand it, but then again I don't care. I'm just glad to be back with the E2 community after 3 weeks of computer solitude :)

I am also in the market for a new burner (probably a QPS 24X16X40, maybe a DVD-RAM if I feel like splurging) and I'll give an update on that when it is purchased.

That's all for now, my physics homework beckons. Life on campus may have stopped on Tuesday (all classes were canceled per the university chancellor's orders), but it's back in full force now.

Farewell all, and once again - keep in your thoughts those affected by the terrorist acts that have been brought against our nation (USA). Take heart in the fact they may have hurt us, but we won't be taken by surprise again. Attacking the world's most powerful country is never a good idea.