Midwest Punk band formed in 1986 by members Ben Weasel, Jughead, and Steve Cheese. Since then they've gone through band members like most people go through underwear, but have managed to churn out over a dozen albums (okay, some of them compilations). While not quite pop-punk, they tend to be upbeat and produce music that makes you want to pogo and do that Ringo head-bob thing.

Their most famous album, My Brain Hurts, came out in 1991, after the band had officially broken up only to reform with the line-up of Ben Weasel, Danny Vapid, and Dave Naked (who was kicked out shortly thereafter, because he sucked and nobody liked him).

They're still touring these days, mostly around Chicago, though the only original members left are Ben Weasel (who also spends these days writing punk reviews and writing soap box tirades and Jughead, who left for a few years before rejoining.

Anyway, while everybody's raving about east coast/west coast, these guys are pure midwest, right up there with the now dissolved Naked Aggression. In other words, they think the Ramones are the best band that ever lived, skatepunks suck ass, and punk had a sell-by date of about 1987 at the latest. Oh well.