1997 album by The Mr. T Experience, released on Lookout Records. Dr. Frank wrote all the songs on this album with the exception of Some Foggy Mountain Top, which is traditional.

Widely considered a follow-up to Love is Dead (1996, Lookout Records), this album sounds nearly indistinguishable from its precursor. With MTX, this isn't a bad thing. These are the guys who started the East Bay pop-punk thing way back in 1986, and Dr. Frank's songwriting has only improved over time.

From straight-forward novelty songs like The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful and Lawnmower of Love, to a solo guitar ballad (I Don't Need You Now) to the traditional punk interpretation of a traditional song (Some Foggy Mountain Top), this album is a fine, representative slice of MTX. A person wouldn't go far wrong in making this their first taste of The Mr. T. Experience, although personally I'd go with Love is Dead (the album, not the song).

  1. Here She Comes
  2. She's Coming (Over Tonight)
  3. Love is Dead
  4. Hell of Dumb
  5. Lawnmower of Love
  6. With My Looks and Your Brains
  7. The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
  8. Another Yesterday
  9. Swiss-Army Girlfriend
  10. . . .and I Will Be with You
  11. Who Needs Happiness (I'd Rather Have You)
  12. When I Lost You
  13. I Don't Need You Now
  14. Our Love Will Last Forever and Ever
  15. Some Foggy Mountain Top
  16. You You You

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