So, I get up this morning around 8, and call Erin because she has a midterm at 9:30 and we take care of each other. I wasn't expecting Erin to answer the phone. I was expecting to get her machine, and give her a half an hour head start before I showed up at her door to walk with her to class. She answered the phone.
"Wow, you're awake."
"Ya, I haven't been to bed yet. Jos took a bunch of pills and then called last night and I had to take her to the hospital. I'm not going to my midterm, I'm too wiped."
So, we talked a bit more, and then I had to go because missing my 9:30 is like missing an apointment with God. You just don't do it.
Now, in case you don't read my nodes, let me give you a little back reading. I Hate Creed--Or How I know there are 52 Advil in my apartment. Ya, my friends and pills. Classic.
I go to class. My first one isn't so bad. We talk about Competency vs. Performance and a bunch of papers that I haven't read yet. And, then I get to my second class, which is, quite possibly, the best class I've had the opportunity to take at the University of Iowa. If you ever have the opportunity, it's called Quest for Human Destiny. The professor's kind of a prick, but he has some great moments that more than make up for it. The Professor is a rabbi, and the past few lectures have been about Pastor Paul Schneider and the Holocaust. Paul Schneider's story is very moving. To the depths moving. So, the professor is telling the story, and he gets stuck on this point about honoring the dead. He spent about ten minutes on the topic. He made me cry. After class, I get most of the whole story about what went on with Jos, but not all of it. She got to drink a whole bunch of charcoal, but they didn't pump her stomach. Jos said she needed a time out, but has said she won't withdrawl from school, and has also said that she doesn't want to be in the hospital. She wasn't attempting suicide, and they didn't put it down as a suicide attempt, and so, they let her go in time to see Must See TV.
And, all I have to say is, fucked up. We are all seriously fucked up.