I discovered something rather interesting about myself a few days ago. I'm a bit of a snob in some respects.

I'm extremely limited in the type of beer that I drink. I've come to realize the truth in the age old adage: what do American beer, and having sex in a canoe have in common They're both F$CKING close to water. There are a few exceptions, though. The main one being Shiner Bock, I'll drink Amber Bock if I'm decidedly poor at the time. Anything else I drink is some other alternative form of alcoholic beverage. I'm not much of a liquor drinker, but I won't drink anything that I haven't had before, or doesn't come highly reccommended. Though I refuse an offer of a drink of Tequila, too many Jackson Pollocks, too many times.

I have also developed a distinct love for cigars. I have developed a passion for Cuban grown Cohiba cigars, though I will admit an unnerving temptation to buy the dominican-grown counter parts. I've come to learn one thing: If the Cigar isn't Cuban, you might as well smoke the money you would have used to purchase such an inferior product.
I'm sure that there are those who will adamantly dissagree, but there is one exception to my standards. La Perla Habana is grown in the Dominican Republic, from a cuban seed. It's run by two Cuban brothers that are quality Nazi's. If you can't get a cuban, this is one of the next best things, not to mention that they're reasonably priced.

For those who have never smoked a Cuban Cigar, it's what heaven would taste like to anyone who smokes. It is an experience that transcends vocal explanation, and needs to be experienced.

On Monday, I became a very lucky man. I usually don't get a chance to smoke Cuban cigars unless someone I know has left the country, since they're illegal in the US. I must be blessed, because I, through the grace of a high-holy cigar hookup, managed to snag a small box of very good cuban cigars. I was the head giddy-ass Bastard on CLoud Nine. Cries of "Snag-alicious" could be heard across downtown Nashville, as I purchased my little box of heaven, did my happy dance, and elatedly inhaled the contents. Later that night, I decided to celebrate down at Cafe Coco. I picked up a bottle of Vampyre Merlot, a sweet and wonderful Bulgarian wine.

And off I went...
As toastido can tell you I was in smoker's heaven. Apparently, from the astute observation of someone at the same table, I looked like I was a stripper away from being in a rap video. I wouldn't go that far, seeing that I was in some loose fitting pants, and a t-shirt, not a pimp suit, and carrying a glass if Cristal. I'm not sure many Rappers have even grasped the bliss of smoking a Cuban Cigar, but I'm sure they would, based on the fact that they're the best. I just simply love the taste.