Exercise doesn't seem to fit in with my Friday and Saturday nights. But I exercise 5 nights a week, so I guess that's ok. At least, I seem to still be progressing; I should be able to do 50 pushups at once by the end of next week. I'll consider that a milestone.

Last night, I hung out at a friend's house. Noding from there as I write this. We smoked a bunch of homegrown Vermont weed and played with turntables. He's a big hiphop fan. I'm not, but it's still fun to play with, especially when stoned. We actually recorded a couple tracks, one of which was truly profound. It wasn't so much hiphop at that point, but more of a negativland-esque track involving strange noises and a guy reading off the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Spooky. Afterwards, we kept hearing strange noises, and I was paranoid to think that maybe we'd summoned some evil monster with our blasphemy. Cool!

So, our solution to that paranoia was to watch Doctor Phibes Rises Again, a truly bad horror flick that makes little to no sense even when sober. It was an odd night.

Tonight, I go to the costume party. I'm a little stonedover, so I'm not really motivated to do anything but sit around and eat, but tonight should be fun. Besides, that girl I like will be there.