I'm fasting today. I think I might fast for a few days, see how it goes. I think it might help with my mood, and if nothing else, cleanse me a little before I move to a new city and start classes (on Monday.) I think I'll start using this to keep track of what I consume, as I used it a while ago to keep track of my exercising. Perhaps this will also cause me to start exercising again, who knows.

Today, I consumed:
1 cup green tea (high in antioxidants, or so it said)
1 banana (I was feeling woozy, and bananas are fructose and potassium.)
1 cup blueberry tea. (I was beginning to feel hungry, thought the flavor and water might help.)

I've never been on a fast before. It's amazing how quickly I noticed that I was hungry and a bit light-headed. I'm going to consume small quantities of carbohydrates to keep my glucose levels up so that my central nervous system won't consume the protein in my muscles.