Are you an unemployed noder?

Do you find yourself malingering?

Do you find yourself asking, "What does it all mean? Why do I go on?"

Ejected from the structured time-construct in which you've been contained since the age of 5, do you find yourself idling in front of the television, sending faxes and email into the great packet-switched void, in an effort that you know is pointless, action for its own sake, the digital equivalent of hand-illuminating passages of the bible and then tossing them into the ocean in a bottle? Remember, the good book says, " Of the making of many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh, vanity of vanities, all is vanity sayth the preacher. (Ecclesiastes 12:12)"

Well, turn that frown upside down ! Your parole from Late Capitalism is a gift from the Universe! Instead of transmitting your ASCII resume into deep space with a homemade laser, why not explore that last and greatest of frontiers, the wilderness of the human heart!

Emancipate yourself from the rat race, and try instead to navigate the labyrinth of the SELF!

"But how?" you might ask. "Where is the action plan? What happened to the sparkling water in the refrigerator?"

Old habits are hard to break! Especially the habit of "productivity". Why not ask one of those MBA management experts to quantify the flow-rate of human happiness? Why not have them assign units/time to quanta of sadness, confusion, despair? That expression on their ivy-league face is one of bafflement - for all their talk of "thinking outside the box" they are unable to move laterally into the new day of ten thousand singing tomorrows that is waiting for them, for all of us, just around the corner!

As Wordsworth said, "Getting and spending, we lay waste to our powers..." We need a new coin, a currency of joy, oxygen, information, sugar, and kinetic energy.

What if I were to tell you that this New Economy of the Soul was waiting to be built, a "turn-key solution" for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? It's waiting for you, for all of us:


UnemploymentQuest! (abbreviated as "UQ!) is a new participatory construct. There is no command structure, no internationally adopted body of standards, no calories and half the fat. It is an Incentive Stock Option plan of the HUMAN SPIRIT!

Here's how it works - once a day, the Universe will issue you your very own UQ! moment. Your job is to recognize it as such and write it up! That's it. No coupons or messy chemical treatments. These are moments that would be unavailable to you in the office, on the factory floor, behind the cash register, overhead in a cherry picker. These are moments that bubble up out of the chaos of your newly randomized life, emergent moments of joy instantiating themselves out of your life's new movement across the event horizon from laminar flow to a turbulence of opportunity.

These moments can be deliberate. Perhaps you've always wanted to take the subway to the end of the line? Follow the river to a place you've never been? Finish a paint-by-numbers painting.

These moments can be random. They can be chasing a city bus, or driving to the beach to discover that the sea is glowing with trillions of phosphorescent unicellular plants.

/msg Igloowhite to register!

UQ! your daylogs!

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