Why, Saige! I, for one, am just shocked that you of all people would support idealism! Don't you realize that not only do idealists usually support the "infinite mind (God) but that it also eliminates your oh-so-precious stone too heavy for God to lift paradox. On top of that, idealism is based on stuff that is just as likely made-up as God (and for the same reasons): Spirit, Mind, and Free Will.

God was made because we didn't understand how weird stuff worked; spirit because we wanted to live forever, and for the same purpose as mind; mind to explain how our brains think; and Free Will so we wouldn't feel powerless.

Why make up something when there are perfectly rational explanations using physics, biology/neurobiology, mathematics, and cosmology?

Ooh, wait...I see what you're all bickering about. You mean idealism-perfection, not idealism-it's-all-mental. Never mind. ;-P