Beer based cocktails (or, sadly, beer-tails) tend to be disregarded by many cocktail guides, and sometimes even by drinkers. This may be because beer isn't a strong drink but isn't considered an elegant one, either. However, beer lovers and others may enjoy cocktails based on beer, and here are a few suggestions (Some of these have seperate nodes on E2):

Shandy: An obvious classic, this is a combination of some type of beer with either lemonade, a lemon based soft drink, ginger-ale or anything similar.

Snakebite: A mix of beer and cider ('bout half a pint each).

Black Velvet: A mix of stout and champagne (Ideally a 50%-50% mix).

Red Eye / Red Rooster: Ale or lager (a pint) with tomato juice (a shot). Optional tabasco and egg-yolk.

Carribean Night: Beer (a pint) mixed with coffee liqueur (a shot).

South Wind: Beer (a pint) mixed with melon liqueur (such as midori - a shot).

Depth Charge: A shot of whiskey (with the shot glass) dropped into a pint of beer.

Brown Bomber: Shandy with brandy (shot), gin(shot), and some Angostura bitters.

Bubble Blue: Shandy with Blue Curacao and vodka.

This is a very non-exhaustive list, and I'll be glad to see more ideas.

haggai says: re Beer Based Cocktails: Also, the infamous "beer shake", if this counts. I believe this is just icecream and beer, whisked lightly together (possibly 2-4 scoops a pint). Sounds mildly abhorrent, but can be quite nice.

Ouroboros says: re Beer Based Cocktails: My favorite is a shot of espresso in a pint of stout.

Jembeth says: I like your "beer based cocktails" node. For the record, I think I've heard that a shot of Bailey's in a pint of Guinness is called an Irish Car Bomb.

tWD says: re Beer Based Cocktails : Don't forget portagaff , which is a stout shandy. Also, I've tried Jembeth 's "Irish Car Bomb" (although I called it an IRA) - I'm sure it's a not-too-clever myth, as I couldn't make it not curdle. Then there's the old rough-and-ready get-pissed-fast classic of a beer with a shot of vodka - I've heard it called many things, especially "bad lemonade", "electric lemonade" and the like - which with the right match of beer and vodka can actually be quite nice.

Footprints says: re Beer Based Cocktails:
the second one is really good

Lord Matthius says On your Beer Based Cocktails, don't forget that if you add blackcurrant juice to a Snakebite it makes deisel.