Something Denis Leary, and myself, admittedly, never thought would be hard to find. In Leary's rant "Coffee, Beer, and the Pope," he raves about his difficulty in getting a cup of "coffee-flavored coffee" and eventually even "beer-flavored beer" at the Starbucks-like coffee houses and "micro breweries." It seems that much of America no longer appreciates a good ol' Shiner Bock or Guinness anymore. With the advent of "Raspberry Beer" and "Butter Beer" and all the other strangely flavored beers, it's getting harder and harder to get drunk for under 20 bucks.

This has probably come about due to many places (at least in Texas) that lack what many would consider REAL beer. A true beer connoisseur cannot drink a "Coors" or "Bud Light" without retching, but, sadly, nice imports like Dos Equis and Guinness are proving to be more and more expensive, causing the occasional beer drinker to resort to pure filth. Should this continue, I can only see a more sober, yet much less fun America in our future.

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