Ahh, another day in the life of GavinDot:

2AM this morning: Went to bed after a hard night of noding like a mad monkey.
10AM: Alarm goes off. I kick it off the shelf and sleep until 10:55. Class is at eleven. Shit. I make it only 2 minutes late. Yea Me!
11:55AM: Back in the dorm. I skipped Math discussion today. I never liked Kathy Temple, my TA.
1:00PM: Lunch. Nothing looked or smelled good, so I had a glass of eggnog.
2:25PM:> Went to a language meeting with my TA about our third essay in class.
3:00PM: Started noding again.
5:00PM: Temporary break for a cigarette and another eggnog. Then back to noding.
10:00PM: Ate a hamburger and drank more eggnog. Back to noding.
11:50PM: Smoked up with roomie Cybergoat. Big fat joint is my friend. Riding up the elevator was a different experience. I spaced out watching Speedvision for about 45 minutes and then resumed my node swarm that began last night. Depeche Mode and Placebo in the background... E2 on my screen... ahh, it's going to be a night :-)
Projected 5:00AM: Bedtime.