I’m coming.

I just bought my non-refundable tickets, so I'm committed. Or I should be committed. So there better be somebody there holding a little sign reading ‘Gamaliel’ in the airport.

Delta 2328 arriving 1:15 pm Friday
Delta 2291 departing 7:10 pm Sunday

I’ve overcome the inherent geekiness of flying cross country from Florida for a party, because I’ll be working all summer and I need some getaway time. All the chatterbox harassment has convinced me. It’s time for some irresponsible fun.

Some disclaimers:

  • I’m not as cool or impressive in real life as I am on e2. *snicker*
  • I’m an obnoxiously friendly drunk who can’t hold his liquor like his not so illustrious Irish ancestors.
  • Hell, maybe I’m just obnoxious.
  • I really hate people who don’t know how to use an apostrophe.
  • Hell, I’m just a dick.

    What I will bring:
  • Wit and personality.
  • A sleeping bag, if necessary.
  • My appetite.

    What I won’t bring:
  • Wit and personality.
  • My gun.
  • Liquor across state lines.
  • Sea shells or pecan logs.
  • And don’t ask me for any fucking chad.

    My demands:
  • Beer.
  • Beer.
  • Beer.
  • Beer.