If you are interested in hearing the magic that is Underworld live, you can either wait for the release of their forthcoming live CD and DVD (titled everything, everything), or you can join the RTSR-trade (Ride The Sainted Rhythms - after an UW lyric) mailing list, which is devoted to the trading of bootleg Underworld live recordings.

There is an FTP server (ask politely on the mailing list for the IP address) containing many gigs of generally high (in some cases superb) quality MP3 files, remixes by fans, deleted Underworld releases, setlists, and so on.

If you've not had the pleasure of seeing Underworld live, or if you have and wish to relive the experience, this list and FTP is highly recommended.

Particularly good are the CD-quality bootlegs from Tilburg, and another unknown German gig - just awesome on headphones late at night..

Web site: http://welcome.to/rtsr/
Details of the mailing list can be found there.. Enjoy.

Footnote: Also of interest is a 3 hour DJ set that Rick Smith & Karl Hyde did on BBC Radio 1 in February 2000, which is extremely eclectic (only about 30% electronic music) and very, very good indeed.