A really nice man, owner of some quality domain names, pointing to some very fine and highly informative sites on drugs, neurochemistry, copyright laws, and other issues pertaining to modern life and happiness:


I have noded some of what I consider to be a few of his finest writings (when is it best to take crack cocaine?, cocaine, crack, the good drug guide amongst others), with both his written permission and encouragement - a sign of a diamond geezer if ever there was one. I've never met him, so I don't know anything more about him than from his pages and a couple of emails, but he's clearly an asset to our generation. Please check out his pages and give him your support if you think he deserves it.

I'm not noding these for XP, and I'm not trying to claim credit where it isn't due. All these nodes have their source clearly marked, and I wanted to node them in the true spirit of E2 - as an information resource for the future, a way to preserve what I think are some superb pieces of research, writing and generally sensible thinking.