There are some aspects of society and history that people like to ignore. This sometimes takes the form of political correctness or even ignoring the existence of evil. On E2 we should strive to not fly the banner of ignoring hate. You should node hate. Noders shouldn't have to login as everyone just to present a devil's advocate view on a controversial subject. We shouldn't automatically downvote repulsive ideas. A node that captures the distorted reason of the ignorant should be valued. Node every horrible thing anyone ever said to you in high school. Node racial humor, ethnic slurs, racial generalisms and famous racist poems like The White Man's Burden. Node why people thought these things. Node why people no longer think like this.

Some people feel that we should try to forget horrible ideas. Not only do we prepare to repeat history, but we give evil thoughts and words more power. Currently the word 'nigger' is so potent that books that point out the absurdity of racism by using it get banned in schools. The more we understand the reasons for the derisive use of words the less power they have. Discussion of backwards ideas breaks them down, shunning them makes their current believers more hardened. Don't be afraid to face the evil of past and present. Be prepared to face the evil of tomorrow. Node hate.

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