I was apparently in an outdoor stadium. It looked suspiciously like the H.S. Football stadium near my house, where my H.S. played against (and beat) our old rivals much earlier in the year.

So I'm sitting there, and next to me is this girl. A girl I had rather liked, and went out with a few times, before I found out she found me uninteresting and ditched me to go watch some soccer player she liked. We're both sitting there, and as far as I can tell, there's no one else around. Seeing as we were in a football stadium, there was probably a game going on, but that didn't matter. Nothing else mattered.

I'm looking at her, and says to me: "You know, I think I was wrong about you. We had so much fun at that party last night. We should go out again sometime." I'm dumbfounded. I just sit there, staring at her, amazed. Ecstatic. Incredibly thrilled.

That was my mistake. After waiting for me to say something for a few seconds, she says "You see, that's why I got bored with you. You're too quiet. Goodbye." With that, she gets up and walks out. Gone. I'm too shocked to even turn to watch her leave. I just sit there, still looking at where she was, completely crushed. That now makes twice I've blown it, all beacuse I didn't know what to say.

And then I wake up.