What a surreal weekend.

I was going out on Saturday with my cousin, he is older than me, but we get along pretty well. He had, as always, bought rather a lot of weed before he came and picked me up. I ended up going halves with him, and it turned out to be some very interesting shit! Missing out all the standard night out type activities, after a few drinks and quite a few joints, we ended up in the local pub watching a live band. As I was standing watching them perform, I began to feel a bit nauseous, so I nudged my cousin and said something about going outside. My first step was made notable by a black curtain rising from the floor. I still had a vague idea where the exit was, but after another few steps I had walked straight into a woman. At this point my eyes were open but I could not see a thing. Intending to find the door, I only reached the jukebox, and just collapsed onto it. desperately feeling my way around for the door (what a sight that must of been!)

I was pulled from behind.


Through the black comes my name, which is then followed by a couple of slaps to the face. I muttered something and cautiously opened my eyes. I was outside, lying face up on a bench, looking into the faces of about five people. This was the moment when I realised I had lost about ten seconds of my life. There is a clear gap in my mind between being grabbed and being outside, like a sea of darkness between two islands of clarity.

Slowly I raised my head and sat up, which much to my surprise was followed by a pleasant sensation. I finished my drink, and just chatted for about ten minutes. Then we got into the car, and watched everything speed by without a care in my mind. I felt like I was made of energy and could just get out and run 10 miles without even drawing breath.

The next morning I got up, and went out for a quick cigarette. This was the finest cigarette I have ever had, breathing in the smoke was like flying through the sky and sucking up the clouds. Once again I felt this overwhelming sense of energy, and oneness with myself. Then I began to get some very odd thoughts about being reborn or being given a second chance, which as a cynic was quite alarming. Suddenly I had a feeling of motivation and, for once I didn't feel like there was a mountain that could ever be too high for me to climb.

I am still feeling slightly "odd", not anything I can put my finger on, just one of those vague feelings.

This might be one of those "life changing moments" we always hear about....then again maybe not.