I don't often daylog, but sometimes I just want to record the events that I drift through.

So, I got up in time to see the film, which was showing at 11am. Don't quite know how after the previous night's revelling. Eoin gave me a lift down with his girlfriend Olivia and we met this lass Jamie outside. I think Jamie's really pretty, fun and interesting, so this was a bonus. Watched the film and quite enjoyed it.

Came out the cinema and went to the pub at about 2pm. Only had one in there and was going to stay all day and drink with the lads, but felt a bit tired, so when Eoin and Olivia offered me a lift home I went with them. Jamie came along as well and going home turned into going to the pub for lunch and to watch the England game. We sat in the pub drinking and chatting until about 7:30pm and then they went home, so I went home too.

Had a quick beer with Ross and Drew and then Jason turned up and said he was going to a party in a bar down Kings Cross, so I tagged along with him. We got there and it was awful. Completely full of toffs and ages to wait at the bar, so we left.

Went to the pub nearby instead and Jason phoned his mates to let them know where we were. We thought about going home after a drink or two because we were both a bit tired and it looked like it might not be too much fun. Then about eight of his mates turned up and they all turned out to be really nice and chatty and we ended up staying in there until 2am.

We came outside and they all said they were going home, but as we were saying our goodbyes another group turned up, one of whom happened to know Jason. I got introduced to them and Jason and his mates went home. So there I was going clubbing with a bunch of complete strangers. We went to The Cross where Fatboy Slim was playing, but after ten minutes in the queue we hadn't moved. This girl said she knew where there was a house party down in south London, so we all decided to go there.

We all walked back to the car, which turned out to be one of those people carriers and was driven by a guy called Rocket. I loved all this... a guy called Rocket and the girl turned out to be called Dallas. Lol. So half of the group decided to give in at this point, but four of us, me, Rocket, Dallas and Jason's mate Ubu. I can't remember his real name, but I kept saying, "Sit, Ubu. Sit. Good dog."

We stopped off at a dodgy little supermarket and bought beers and a bottle of vodka at about 3am and found the party by about 4am. Most people there were quite stoned, drunk or sleeping, so it wasn't that noisey, but we tried to liven things up a bit and for a while it worked. Then Ubu and Rocket went home and my final link to real life was severed. I was sitting there wearing a cowboy hat at about 5am. I didn't know where I was or any of the people I was with, but I was having a great time.

I went the distance and left with Dallas at maybe 9am. She showed me where to get a bus that would take me to Waterloo and the tube and then I was alone. Drunk, stoned and wearing a cowboy hat and trying to function in normal society. I kept smirking. Anyway, I got home about 10:30am and decided it was bedtime. I guess now it had become Sunday.