Today my middle child, my little boy, is five years old! So, apparently, LaylaLeigh's friend Tara and I have children who share the same birthday. Ahhhhhhhh...

I went into work a bit late so that I could see the birthday boy's face when he woke up and ran into the living room to discover his new bike. Totally worth going into work late for.

I am feeling a bit of a zombie today because I stayed up late last night to push out an article that was due a week ago. Wups.

On the whole, life is pretty good.

The only potential monkey wrench in the works is this: My editor just asked me to take on an assignment that I had originally assigned to someone else--specifically because I knew that the timing would suck for me to do it. So, I need to chat with her on that, and I am dreading that, as I try to be accommodating where possible--but I need to have a fairly clear schedule in the next couple of weeks. Stuff is happening that will influence events for some time to come. Yup, change is in the air for Feldar; I'll share as events come to pass.