It is generally my habit to eschew sentimentality when speaking directly to or about people. But I miss Sensei too. My dealings with him were unfortunately limited, but I always found him to be the model of human compassion and gentle guidance. When I was a new noder here, Sensei was helpful, friendly and supportive and I have not forgotten that, although with the obvious impact he's had on so many of the noders here, perhaps he has. I don't think it at all presumptious of me to say that he was kind and supportive to me because he is kind and supportive to everyone; nevertheless, his encouragement and friendly criticisms meant a lot to me. When dealing on a one-to-one basis with noders, especially new noders, I have consciously attempted to emulate Sensei.

I will never have his patience or gentle good nature, but my interactions with him have made me want to try to be a nicer person. I do not know if I believe in a God or any Gods, nevertheless, Sensei will be in my prayers.