Today, i went to Catalina Island, California with my girlfriend. Much Fun.

~45min to Long Beach from here, then 2 hours on the ferry. Didn't seem very long though, girlfriend helped that. We were both surprised, we figured an hour had elapsed at the most. Now onto the Island, we rode down a little ways on our Bicycles, only 3$ per bike per way, much cheaper then the 10$/hour some places wanted. After roaming around looking for a place to eat, and winding up getting yelled at by like 3 cops for riding where we weren't supposed to, we locked them up, the bikes, not the cops, and walked. Found a cool little restaurante which had half decent prices. Yes, 18 of our American Dollars for a large pizza (13") and 2 sodas. Free whole-shell peanuts though. I love places where they throw peanuts on the table and you throw the shells on the floor. It had dollars stapled all over the place, you wrote something on one, and stapled it where you wanted. We figured they had 750-1000$ stapled to the walls. off to the touristy shops to look at stuff. We both held up the ultra-tacky clothing we saw to each other, or just stuff the other would not wear. Oh well, we had fun. She wouldn't try on any of the bikinis though. Pout.

Now onto our bikes, road a little ways into the residential area, then along the coast. Found what i think is moonstone beach, and sat there for a little while playing with stones, just enjoying the waves, etc. We didn't bring swimsuits like the smart people we are. Whatever. Getting close to time to go. Hop back on bikes, ride along the coast, find out we have an extra 30mins. Sit on a bench overlooking the ocean and kiss. Very Nice.

Whoops, missed the line up call (we were there with plenty of time, just looking at other stuff. Oh well, so we get into line, get on the boat, meet up with parents inside, save some seats, and once into the open sea we went out onto the deck to look out over the water. We held to keep warm, one of the best feelings in the world, then went around the other side, out of the sun, where it wasn't so bloody freezing. Sat there most of the trip, then went back inside for last 30min to munch on some snacks etc.

Very Nice day with girlfriend. Different too.