I swear i'm becoming an insomniac. I sleep at night, but i don't feel rested. It's affecting me. I get up, and i can't think, things that should be simple just don't work. I slur my words, i can't remember simple phrases. They say it can happen to asthmatics.

anyways, woke up, cleaned pool @ around 9, found a black widow, she no likey the Raid. Whatever, 11:45, pickup friend, goto Vons, pickup food. Come home. 2:30, girlfriend shows up, did i mention there supposed to be a party here today? Whatever. We wait until 3:00, no one else shows, get in the pool. We were having fun. Two more people show up, swim longer. 6:00 we get out to watch the blues brothers, order pizza, 6th person shows up. Get in the not-so-hot-hot-tub. Woops, forgot to set the pump to circulate only into hot tub. One of these days, our heater is going to explode, and i'm going to die a flaming, screaming, death.

Now 11:51, g/f left about 15 minutes ago. E2 here i come until i get up the nerve to clean up and collapse into bed. Oh yeah, i get to mow the neighbors yard for awhile. (well, they said they would pay me, i don't care, the guy had a heart attack)