Well today started out relativly fun, got annoying, and then better.

Wrote a buncha emails i had been putting off. Wrote my girlfriend a letter (yes, ink on paper), and then came to find out my mother was online, and not going anywhere for awhile. So after around 4 hours of being bored out of my skull, i got to go online, and promptly leave. Headed down to a friends house, hung out, went swimming, went to nicks to play cards. I did OK. Seeing as the kid i was with is awsome at anything cards, he had tons of chips. I had the second most, which was half of his, the 3rd kid had about a quarter of mine, and thats just because he didn't play the last hand (high stakes), and we broke the 4th and final player. fortunatly, it was all just chips.

The kids mom whose house i was at finally came home, and i got payed for walking their dogs 5 times, although i only did it 4. (Valid excuse, for which i told her, it was a compromise, she wanted to pay me the full 6 times) Oh well, i now have 25$ which i have already spent 2 times over. Whoops.

I come home to the box that hosts my email, and my domain, being down. Then the IRC box (same network) starts not connecting properly. Fun stuff, about 3 bad things happened all at once. And now, i go to call my girlfriend.