I had a dream last night that makes me wonder just way do dreams mean or do they mean anything at all. I dreamed last night that I was going out on a date this girl that I meet a few days ago. I picked her up in my car and asked her "where we off too". She said she wanted to go watch the A&M team play. I thought cool I love to go to the football games. I started off towards the football field when she said she they replaced football with a new sport. Seems we where to watch some new sport she keep calling wack ball. I had never heard of this but I remember trying to fake knowing what I was talking about with her as she went off about it. I remember not wanting her to know I had know idea what she was talking about.

My dream shifted before I ever got to find out what wack ball was. All of a sudden I was at my high school stadium. Also I was back in my band days. Me and the girl that I was on a date with started getting ready for band. She asked for help with her uniform and I couldn’t figure out her problem. I had put the whole thing on myself right. But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get the balladic (a part of a marching band uniform) on her. Everyway I tired the balladic wasn’t right. I woke before ever getting it on her right.