I had a dream last night about these two girls who are always hanging out in my room. I dreamed that they where laying on my bed, and me on the floor. But for you get to excited it wasn't one of those kind of dreams. We where talking, about all kinds of random and deep stuff. I referred to something as a piece of shit. And one of the girls yelled at me. She didn’t much care for my use of profanity. I remember she sat up very quickly in my bed. I thought something was very wrong. When I looked over at her she was just giving me this evil eye. It took me a second to figure out what I had done. After she yelled at me for it. She demanded a backrub. I did as she requested and we talked more. We talked about just why are smilely faces are happy. There where other very odd conversations. I woke up not to long after that.