I had a dream last night that I was debating taking this job offer from Microsoft. I was walking around campus with my girlfriend talking about the good and the bad of it. I remember talking about not wanting to leave Texas, and how I said “that would be bad”. And how they pay very well, and “that was good”. But I’d have to leave and move away from her and “that was bad”. I had pretty much mad up my mind not to take the offer when my girlfriend spun me around to face her and said “Go, take it” and she had this I’ve got something up my sleeve look going. I said ok and we kissed.

The next thing I know I’m standing in my new apartment in Redmond. It’s really big, more space than I have ever had to myself. I decided to go and meet my neighbors and as soon as I go outside I see all my friends and group that I hang with there. It seems that my girlfriend and her roommate have the apartment next to mine and my roommate is also has a apartment there. My girlfriend came running up to me and said “See, I told you to take it.” I was so glad to see her, I hugged her started to ask how, why, and what are you doing her. She just said “shhhhh, No questions. Just accepted.” My roommate then asked me “How I can’t just accepted good things happening to me without asking why.” I then turned to argue the point with him when I woke up.