I had a dream last night that I was programming. I was programming a game and it was going pretty well. My boss walked up and told me that I had to add a talking “paper clip”. He was very adamant about me adding that Microsoft little talking paper clip. And it totally didn’t go with my RPG game.

I didn’t want to argue with my boss. I just keep thinking give him what he wants. After he left my office I started talking with my girlfriend who was working in the cube next to me. Which is only slightly strange become she is far from a programmer. As a matter of fact he hates doing. But anyway she was there programming with me. My girlfriend told me not to put the paper clip into the program. She said that it was stupid. And I agreed with her. But I keep saying, “It’s what the boss wants. And right or wrong It’s going in there.”.

So I put it into the game. But I did it a funny way. Whenever you attacked a bad guy a little paper clip would pop up and say it looks like your trying to kill him. Should I try and do that for you. Also when you attacked someone a message box would pop up saying “are you sure you want to kill him?” I thought it was funny. So did everyone else. I woke up before showing it to my boss.