The Frozen Image of Perfection

It had not been snowing all that long, but the ground was already turning to white. Smoke curled from the heat filled hearths of the houses below, rising to the sky that would soon burn with the red and orange of morning. With the world fast asleep, the snow falls with its silent grace and fills the air with dreams, wonder, and beauty. The light of day soon rises above the horizon and the snow springs to life, glowing of purest white. As I wake, I see what I’ve been looking forward to, a sight that many overlook. A smile spreads across my face at the sight and I sense the joys of its presence.

I stir a cup of hot chocolate, watching the marshmallows puff out around the edges. I’ve never been so happy and so comfortable as I am now, sitting wrapped up in a blanket, watching frost frame the inside of the window panes. As always, I become overwhelmed. I cannot stay inside any longer, I must go outside and join the outdoors. Bundled up and ready for my journey, I step out onto the front porch only to have my breath taken away. This kind of beauty is rarely seen. Not one error, not one fault, just a blanket of white and soundless amazement. The details to be seen are only of which snow can make. Each branch perfectly outlined, each lade of grass hidden beneath this magic.

Walking along, I cross a pair of bunny tracks, two by two they chase each other into the distance. The striking green of the pine trees stand out against the clean white snow that lies on top of them. A soft breeze blows and stirs the falling snowflakes, making them dance and sparkle on the wind in the sunlight. Nowhere else can you find surroundings so rich, as walk through a sea of diamonds and silver, while showered with light of gold.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but I continue to walk. With each step I take, the wonder grows, and the beauty only gets more beautiful. I realize I can’t stay out here forever, but the enjoyment of this world is something that I hate to leave. As I head back home, I take one more look at what will change in a heartbeat, for the day will soon be starting. Cars will race up and down the street and children will pile into school buses. Loud music, people in a hurry, kids going to day-care, and businesses springing to action. Re-entering my house, I shut the door to keep the memory of the outdoors as I have it, not yet tainted by the norm of fast-paced days. I close my eyes to see the sun sparkle once more, the world of beauty nature has created, even though it had not been snowing all that long.