The ability to see through time after ingesting large amounts caffeine. Either imagined or a genuine magical power, but amazing none the less. A supplement to the sense of paranoia that ingesting any quantity of stimulants will provide. Hard to define while experiencing it, but can only be defined while experiencing it because in hindsight it will seem like empty delusion. Probably most akin to the mindfuck that eating a tablespoon of nutmeg will provide, which, from first hand experiences, feels like the slices of time that define one's life falling out of place and being reassembled at random. However, caffeine clairvoyance is much less severe.

Illustrated beautifully by the first chapter of Jesus' Son, but that deals with amphetamines and is much scarier. Coined by a Simpson's episode in which Lisa has some of Apu's indian food and states: "I can see through time!"

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