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The only obstacle in life is a bad frame of mind...
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There is nothing that is impossible, it is a measurement of difficulty - do what you believe you can do, and do it the best that you can, that is the ultimate reward.... Das Leben ist suß....

Since I have always had a passion for writing, my friend who writes on E2 convinced me to give it a shot. It turns out that I found it quite rewarding and exciting - you never know how people will react so it's great when you get to find out what people REALLY think. So far things have gone well with my nodes - oh wait...I've only done 20! Well, hopefully there will be more to come, and it's awesome the talent that's contained in this site.

I just want to thank everybody for their support and input - I have never felt so welcome. The response is something that I never expected and is something that is very special. Thanks everyone for welcoming me and I hope I can pull my weight at E2!