I have been trying to find some compassion for people who are politically conservative.  But I can't find it.

It is no easy thing to be human, but human we are.  Conservatives turn their back on their own reality, on their own humanity, and leave it on the curb like so much rubbish.  They call me weak and silly; the solution is Destruction! Death! Total Annihilation!! They mock me for having feelings, for treating the other - the enemy - as fellow humans.

Finding compassion for others shouldn't be an insurmountable task.  Why can't conservatives hold their fellow humans to be worthwhile, worthy of love, worthy of just being?  Where is the morality in the denial of one's own humanity.  Why is love to be rationed out; grasped so tightly as though it might escape, never to return, if it is given to the wrong person? How dare they claim the moral high ground for promoting hate and fear, and rejecting love, compassion, and understanding. How dare they project their suffering and venality onto others.  How dare they act as though they are not the ones in need of help.


What they ask of me is hate, and I can't find it.