We all grieve deeply for the tragic loss of life occurring with the attack on an Orlando nightclub overnight, for the families and loved ones of all involved, and for the community, the nation, the world which must bear this loss. From the perspective of Pandeism, which teaches that all things are a part of a Creator which has become our Universe in order to experience oneness with it, what has happened is that one desperately lost fragment of our Universe has inflicted his pain on dozens of others. Since every one of these people is a piece of the whole, this pain is wrought on the whole.

This horrible incident lies at the intersection of several circumstances. Here we have theistic religion, the product of man's attempts to twist and shape an incomprehensible underlying consciousness into a form fitting human biases, wants, emotional needs. And here we have a group, gays and lesbians, against whom people have historically been taught to be hostile for no other reason than that the writers of ancient books held this hostility. And here we have, in modernity especially, ease of access to devastating weaponry and channels of communication through which a person with a certain theistic bent may be whipped up against a group despised in the ancient books of that group. Whipped up to murder.

It is our hope in every such event that the world will at last stand and declare, ENOUGH!! The passages of the ancient texts by which such deprivations are justified must be excised, scribbled over, torn out and thrown on the fire for all time. The notion that a divine being commands discrimination and death must be absolutely rejected, from the leaders of nations down to the humblest preachers of religion. And especially it must be recognized and universally acknowledged that there is no wrong in any human engaging in any consenting adult sexual choices no matter the sex or gender or number of people whom they carry forth this activity with.

If we are, as logic suggests, quite possibly the feelers through which an omnipresent Creator experiences existence, then in gratitude for our very existence we owe it to such Creator to live as positively and joyously as possible, without hate, without anger, without irrational and oppressive prejudices, without unreasoned and unreasonable beliefs dictating our actions, and most importantly of all, without the infliction of violence against those who are simply trying to live enjoyable lives without bring harm or imposition of belief on others. Grasping together our broken hearts, we wish blessings to all, peace to all, love to all.

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