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to sate the internal monologue, and spare my cow-orkers audible snatches. No really, to rediscover the joy of UNIX^H^H^H^Hwriting.
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I can rest when I'm dead.
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Dom Coyote.

Perhaps I mean Don Quixote? Nope; whilst quixotic, I've never read Cervantes.

Dom? I have been many things, including a minor cleric, so it fits. Another name of mine is Dominic, so the pun is multi-layered...

I used to be on here a long time ago, last millenium even. I enjoy the riddle of not yet saying as whom. If you guess correctly I will send you chocolate.

Coyote? Well, maybe I do need to read Don Quixote. But, Road Runner? Acme? Need I say more?

I can still remember sensei, who I miss. And Tiefling (a lot). HamsterMan. evilrooster. dannye. izubachi. And a whole lot of people I can't even remember anymore. Memory is a funny thing.

Someone remind me how to drive this thing. It's been a while. Yes, there is a pregnant nodeshell in there.


§ Current question(s):

  • why do the registry entries print out first?
  • Someone explain the new write-up types to me. Is there a list?
  • What does the CC checkbox under w/us do? Ah, ok.
§ I owe chocolate to:


Unless noted otherwise, all opinions are mine. Everyone else can get their own.