In an effort to clear out some stale writeups, my new mentee aionaever asked for a few deletions. Though leery at first, I am not one to argue: taken, duel, Ryakalorian, and telepathy have returned to their freegel state. The freegel awaits you; use it to serve the forces of good, not the dark one on his dark throne.

Reminder: it's not always bad (or hasty) to get rid of a few writeups: they go to Node Heaven where they await revivification.

My active deletion of writeups is probably the slowest among the editors. Wanna know why? Because most of my time is spent fixing spelling and/or grammar errors. Can we have a few less of those, please? Additionally, I have greeted several of you new folks of late. I hope your time here is spent well, ceaselessly molding the database to your own nefarious ends.

With that out of the way, keep on nodin'.