I was riding with my girlfriend home from Knoxville and we apparently stopped at a restaurant to have some lunch, and her parents and I were having an extremely good conversation (about what I couldn't tell you; I normally don't remember dreams at all, much less details). We were in the town of Goodletsville, close to our hometown of Springfield, so I decided to ride the rest of the way home with them in their Excursion so that we could finish the conversation. Her mother was driving and her father was in the back seat, and I had shotgun.

This is where it starts getting wierd.

We left the parking lot and we were on a very curvy one way one lane road with bright white curbs; and her mother was absolutely flying. She had the Excursion up to eighty five at one point, and I was terrified. There was a really good song on the radio, I just wish I could remember what it was.

We came out of that road and we ended up on Long Hollow Pike, headed away from the interstate that would have been the easiest way home. Where the McDonald's should have been stood a Logan's Roadhouse, and instead of the regular Logan's sign it has a big blue monstrosity of a sign.

"What's that smell?" Her dad asks. Garth Brooks's "We Shall be Free" is playing on the radio.

I glanced over at Logan's again. "Logan's is on fire...Well, the sign is." It really wasn't though, the sign was just losing a lot of white smoke.

I don't remember the rest.

Usually my dreams are just so much random nonsense, but I actually pulled a lot of meaning out of this one. Her mom was driving fast and scaring me, and this is because I associate her with too much control and no respect for the control she has; my girl and I are teenagers so she has a lot of pull in our relationship. I'm scared of her. She's a psycho.

Her dad's in the back seat because I like him and I don't see him as a threat. He's back there because I'm not worried about him.

The Logan's Roadhouse was there because my girlfriend's name is Logan and the sign was smoking (obviously) because she's hot.