Paul Rodgers is an essential vocalist for any person who enjoys 70's guitar driven music (aka butt rock). He rose to fame with the band Free in London in 1968 - their claim to fame is the song found on all 70s compilations you can buy off TV - All Right Now. He went on to form Bad Company with drummer Simon Kirke of Free in 1974. Bad Company was almost a junior version of a supergroup- their bassist was from King Crimson and their guitarist from Mott the Hoople. They were signed to Swan Song and released six albums, which were all moderate hits. Bad Company is known for such garage shaking gems as Shooting Star, Feel Like Makin' Love, Can't Get Enough(of your love), and Rock Steady. Rodgers left Bad Company in 1983 and has since been trying to make it as an aging butt rock solo artist, with the exception of the mid 80's disaster The Firm, which featured Jimmy Page on guitar and former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade. The Firm had 2 decent radio hits with Radioactive and Satisfaction Guaranteed. A good primer for anyone interested in this sort of music is the album 10 from 6 - Bad Company's basic greatest hits set.

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