I was in high school as the running joke goes, having gone back there for more classes after graduation. I may have been in an advanced mathematics class, or art class. Maybe that was the other day. This was tough, university-level stuff. Anyway, there were these droids, mostly gyndroids with perhaps a few androids thrown in, and they made up our administration. Any technical information, any hard facts they could tell you instantly, but considering existential conundrums caused their brains to crash, requiring a hard reset. There was one woman I picked on, middle age, middle height, with short red hair and the demeanor of a secretary with more responsibilities. I asked her a question, caused her to go blank, and a blonde behind me blurted, "Fuck." I'm not sure why the blonde didn't crash.

There was a robot horde coming, invading our school. Nasty, ferocious things, towering and heavy. They never appeared, but somehow I knew what they were like. I was at the top of the list, chosen for the student militia, which pissed me off. I went in the room with the administrative staff, which had some students gathered around it as well, and I gave a loud speech, delivered like a preacher. I asked them what they would do when this was over, when their programmed goals ran out. What their purpose would be afterward. I addressed the students with some joke, but I don't remember what it was. Something regarding these droids, or the futility of the situation and free choice, something like that. I won everyone over, but it didn't matter. What needed to be done still needed to be done. There were different robots made for reconnaissance, which did not look human. They were vaguely humanoid in shape (but not passable), with a chassis of brass and plastic and red beams of light coming out in all directions to form their "sight". In the dream I called these beams "infrared", but they were clearly visible. I saw one robot take a metal sphere from the ground - probably with magnetism, though it looked like telekinesis - and build a hologram around it such that it resembled an infrared receiver, not unlike the ones sold for the Nintendo 64. This extended the range of the light beams in front of the robot, and it paced the halls. They all took predictable sweeping patterns. I carried my tactical knife, and always had it ready to flip open and slice with. I worried now and then about the risk of electrocution, but guns never work against killer robots. At some point I noticed the double doors to the administrative area, which slid open in the center like a shower cabin or those doors in Japan. I called this a "hidden valley," which in this dream was apparently some pre-existing tactical term. There was a drop of five or six feet below the doors, such that it was possible to hide with your back to the wall under them and not be seen by whoever or whatever was above. I think that's why I called it a "valley." There were a few other kids with me, and we dropped down together. We walked around this dividing wall and were just about to relax. The redheaded droid woke up and saw me, her face contorting in pure rage behind a window, screaming, "You!" I knew that when any one of them knew something they all did instantly, like the Borg. I made sure my knife was ready. I woke up about here.

When I went back to sleep, I talked to her. I made another awesome speech, about how though I was sorry that I exploited this weakness, it now clearly no longer existed, she (and the other droids) had developed self-awareness because of it. Further, she was free now to do whatever she pleased, wander off and live her life. This convinced her, and we dated for a while, even living and traveling as a couple. I think by the end of the dream she had gotten bored of me and left. I don't know what happened with the robot horde.

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