It's interesting no-one bothered to write about what that feeling really is and how it feels.


I learned what hate is, when I was eighteen. I only felt it once.

My parents taught me. They don't know, but they did.

They were in the middle of the long and winding process of separation at that time. Always fighting about everything.

It was just one small quip that triggered it. I was standing, suddenly without any emotion. Staring out the window, not seeing anymore, feeling nothing. No fear, no love, no rage, not even anger. Just emptyness.
When you don't feel any more, your thoughts come through clear and unfiltered. No emotions to keep you back. The world around you blurs, but your objectives stand out even sharper.
There is only one way out. The voice in your head doesn't whisper, neither does it scream. It is your own voice, speaking without any emotion to it, stating only the logical.
Kill them!

I'm glad it only lasted a second.