Well this node actually starts a little prematurely. I am going to start noding with events that happened at about 11PM Sunday because that node is already so long!

This is the last day of my NSane NSync weekend. In quick summary, Friday we went to the show in Cleveland, and while there we scored passes for the MeetNGreet and for the concert in Buffalo on Sunday. On Saturday we found out what hotel the guys would be staying at in Buffalo and we went to the show that night. On Sunday we went to the MeetNGreet and got to speak to them for an extremely short period of time and we caught the show in Buffalo also. Now it is 11PM, the show has ended and we are arriving at our hotel, which we purposely picked thinking that NSync would be staying there as well.

To get in the hotel we have to walk through the hourdes of girls standing outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of the guys. We hear that NSync has already entered the hotel and everyone is waiting for them to come back out. While we are checking in at the front desk we hear an employee telling an older couple not to worry, its just because of the rock group that is staying here and that they are checking out right now. Carin looks pretty bummed cos this means they won't be staying the night. We get our hotel keys, find out we are staying on the fourth floor and Carin says she wants to stay down in he lobby so that we can see them as they walk out. I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to go upstairs. It was just one of those feelings I had.

So I told Carin that I was going upstairs and she said she would wait in the lobby cos she didn't want to miss them in the elevator. When I got to the elevator there was a big bodyguard waiting there. The elevator opened and when I got in I noticed that it had opened on both sides and two girls had snuck in on the other side. The girls were all excited and wanted to go to the fourth floor, cos that's where they were. I thought, no way, they can't be on the fourth floor cos that's the floor I am on and that kind of stuff never happens to me! So the bodyguard kicked them off the elevator and I went up to the fourth floor. When I got off the elevator and it had left it suddenly occurred to me that I knew I was supposed to be on the fourth floor but I didn't know what room I was in. I was too lazy to go all the way back downstairs so I decided to listen and see if I could hear someone talking and then I would knock and ask if I could use their phone to call downstairs. Well the first door I came to I could hear people talking so I knocked. A girl answered the door and I asked to use her phone and she said, 'We don't have a phone!' and closed the door. As she was closing the door I looked over her shoulder and there was Justin on the phone!!! I couldn't believe it! But then I thought, well wait, there is a guy from Girls and Boys United who looks a lot like Justin maybe that's who it was? BR>
So I ran downstairs and made Carin follow me up to our room. I tried to explain to her what was going on as we were headed upstairs in the elevator....she didn't even believe me! It's not that she thought I was lying, it was just that she couldn't believe that it could be happening! So we got to our room and just as we closed the door we heard the door across the hall open and she looked out the peephole and it was Jusin! Carin opened the door and said hello to him and said great show tonight. He said thank you, sorry I'm walking so funny, I hurt my neck. And he then walked down the hall towards everyone else's room.