I don't remember the fight with my parents, but I know I had one. All of a sudden my dad came pounding on my bedroom door. I opened it up and he was furious. I haven't seen him so angry in almost two years.

He had called Judge Judy to talk some sense into me. Suddenly there was a weird kind of trial going on between my family and me. They were trying to convince me that I was losing my mind. My sister pointed out that I was talking rather quickly yesterday. But she forgot to mention that the only way to get more than two words in a conversation with her is to speak really quickly. Then all of a sudden my dad starts telling this story about me calling some guy and me having phone sex with him. I totally did not do that and I told Judge Judy that and then that's when I got really scared. He said, you did do it, and you came upstairs to my room and bragged about it. You told me all about it. Well that scared the shit out of me. Right before Marty died I had broke down from the stress of it all and I had said some things and done some things that I couldn't remember. I immediately thought, have I lost my memory? Did I really do that? Am I crazy again? But then I realized my dad was lying! I don't know why but he was lying. I just knew it! And Judge Judy was asking me if I did it and I told her that I didn't but she woudln't believe me and I just started crying and I told her that my parents were trying to make me lose my mind. Right about then the phone rang and I woke up but I know that she believed me. I know that she took my side in the whole story.

How awful that I can't remember having a dream for almost two years now and now that I can finally remember one it has to be something so disturbing? And creepy!