July 2001

There has again been movement on the UK political scene regarding cannabis law. Firsty, the very respected journalist/writer Nick Davies wrote an article and made a TV program advocating, in particular, the reconsideration of law on Heroine and subsequent legalisation of that 'hard' drug. Several figures came out supporting his, and making their own, call for relaxation/changing of UK drug laws.
The most surprising movement has again come from the Conservative Party, which is of course surprising in itself. Michael Portillo, the current favourite to win the leadership election for that party, has been trying to take a liberal and more 'tolerant' line for his campaign and included in this have been hints at a serious reconsideration of the prohibition of cannabis. Peter Lilly, a former Tory Deputy Prime Minister and Portillo supporter, then came forward in outright support of the legalisation of marijuana. Since, however, and in response to some outrage from the Right, portillo has been forced to make it clear that he does not plan to legalise the drug, but just to look at policy. Oh well, better than nothing, again!

October 2000

Recently in the UK there has been increasing pressure for cannabis to be legalised. Several Shadow Cabinet members admitted to having used the drug, and several high standing people have advocated the decriminalisation. Also, a poll in the Daily Mail, a traditionaly right-wing paper, indicated that the majority of people would be in favour or allowing use and possetion but not dealing/smuggling, through a poll. This policy doesn't make much sense to me as I think people should be allowed to use the drug on grounds of freedom. The result still reflects a change in opinion, however, and legal cannabis use can only be good!