The Eltingville Comic Book, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Role-Playing Club is Evan Dorkin's (mostly ficticious) gang of pop-culture addled fan-boys. Initially published in Dork! comics, Dorkin is in the midst of developing an animated Eltingville series for Cartoon Network.

The Eltingville boys collect comic books and action figures. They play D&D, watch B-movies, memorize obscene amounts of trivia and fight constantly.

They're immature, shallow, obsessive, abrasive, deceitful and fucking hilarious. They'd be absolutely loathsome if it wasn't for the fact that every sci-fi fan, every horror afficionado, every Ph.D.-in-mythology-candidate, and every pop-culture hipster was a member of the Eltingville club at some point.

Yeah, I was too.