I found this thing in the free pile at Pratt and Whitney's surplus store; its design caught my notice.

IBM Model M, Plt Number: F3, 1985 edition

Differences: It's about 2 1/2 inches wider than the F2 (Normal Model M) and 5/8th of an inch longer.
The Numbers on the Numeric Keypad are not labeled other than numbers. (I.e. No Arrows or Home, end, etc etc)
The function keys are on a raised part of the keyboard that follows the same curve as the original F2's, which reaches a max height of 13/16th of an inch from the normal top of the keyboard.
The Cable is not detachable.
To raise the height, two buttons on the side of the keyboard must be pressed to release the stands.
The stands have variable heights:
  • 3/8 of an inch
  • 2 inches
It has a Metal IBM logo at the upper right corner of the raised section. Function keys are not separated, have a 'P' in front of them, and some have additional Labels:
  • F1: Lower Contrast level (Small Sun Symbol)
  • F2: Lower Brightness level (Half filled Circle symbol)
  • F3: Disable alarm
  • F4: Disable click
  • F8: A,a (I think it's another caps lock)
  • F12: Num Lock
There are an additional 12 Function keys above the original 12:
  • F13: Raise contrast level
  • F14: Raise brightness level
  • F15: Enable Alarm
  • F16: Enable Click
  • F17: Click OnOff
  • F18: Blink Cursr
  • F19: Alt Cursr
  • F20: Rvrse Image
  • F21: Extnd Dsply
  • F22: No Dim
  • F23: Kbd ID
  • F24: Model ID
To the left of the keyboard there is a new set of keys, which contain (read up to down):
  • Attn / SysRq
  • Cursr Sel
  • ExSel
  • Print / Ident
  • SetUp
  • Clear
  • (Blank) / Erlnp
  • Erase EOF
  • Play / Test
  • Recrd
Instead of (num Lock), *, /, -, and + on the Keypad there are (in that order):
  • (Blank)
  • (Blank)
  • '
  • Space
  • Tab
  • -
No Control keys. In it's place are:
  • Left: Reset / DvCnl
  • Right: Enter
No square brackets. (Therefore rendering it useless to noders. Unless you want to reprogram some keys)
No ^ key
No (Home), (insert), (Page up), (page down), (Delete), (end), (page down) keys. Instead there are:
  • Dup / PA1
  • Field Mark / PA2
  • Blank
  • Reverse Tab
  • (A with a ^ over it)
  • (a with a remove symbol through it / aaa with a remove symbol through it)
Instead of a normal Up, down, left, and right section there is a large + shaped section with:
  • (Up) / back
  • (Left) / left with 2 arrows
  • (Diagonal up/left)
  • (Right) / Right with 2 arrows
  • (Down) / Fwd
There is a (! / ¢) key between the 'P' and the (| / '\') key
There is a (> / <) key between the 'Z' and the Left shift key
Above the 1 there is a vertical strait line
Above the 6 there is a - with a hook down on the right side

Final Notes:
In conclusion, my advice is to keep to the normal F2's and steer far away from this thing.