If someone bear hugs you to minimize the damage that they do to you, you should respond by boxing their ears, headbutting them, preferably in one of their temples if you've got a long flexible neck, or virtually anything that will force them to realize that they're not minimizing damage. Grab anything you can and attempt to pull it apart, jab your fingers into soft spots, be relentless. A winner is you!

I got in a fight two days ago, and while the guy who had me pinned to the ground 'won,' when we were there, my rabid method of swinging my arm from the ground to nail him in the small of the back repeatedly left him more sore than I the next day.

Basically, pressure points are good, things that people aren't looking for you to hit, their ears, their eyes, their wind-pipe, their sternum especially. People think, 'aww, he's just punching at my rock hard stomach,' and then that little bone breaks off at the tip and it's off to the emergency room with 'em.

My last piece of advice, also a lesson learned from last night, is to wear contacts if you can. I had glasses, so to avoid damage to them, I threw them off to the side before we got rough. I've got amazingly bad eyesight, and I blame my getting caught by him on the fact that his arms were just blurry grey things to me.