so, i'm sitting at werk, having had about an hour of sleep (while here!), thanks to slide, apatrix, and other random people who stay up way the hell too late. i did wild and silly things last night, including putting res novae on my homenode. yes, folks, new things...enjoy. i intend to write more, after i get out of my next soulcrushing class, so don't downvote me 'til tomorrow, okay?

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mmmm....i have finally had a nice two hour nap, some noodles, and half a glass of shiraz. i feel so much more alive now. i must remember to bring zip disks to werk tomorrow, as i have another gig or so of music to cart home. damn, i love that t-1.

so, yes, class was, in fact, just as soul crushing as i had suspected. kendrick is a bastard, but, i suspect, a very educational bastard, so i will not drop the class. everyone should have their souls crushed at least once a week while at university.

i am still completely off my gourd with sleep deprivation, but now i can't sleep. c'est la vie. i suspect i will now go node snowpony.