"Hung like horses, play like donkeys, kicks like a mule."

An English shoegazer band, currently comprised of Katharine Gifford (formerly of Stereolab), Debbie Googe (formerly of My Bloody Valentine), Debbie Smith, and Kevin Bass (fomerly of Pig). Almost all the songwriting for the band is done by Katharine, who is making up for not having written anything while with Stereolab. Kevin Bass replaces former drummer Max Corradi, who left the band to pursue a career in jazz.


Sea Shanties for Spaceships
1. Crumpled Ten
2. Pirates Gold
3. Amsterdam
4. A Car I Didn't Own
5. Into the Heart of Dalston
6. Starfish
7. Naked Twister
8. Brown Hotel II
9. My Brother
10. Monkeys Versus the Universe
11. Pleasure Garden

The Slow-Motion World of Snowpony
1. Easy Way Down
2. A Way to Survive
3. Love Letters
4. Bad Sister
5. 3 Can Keep a Secret ( If 2 Are Dead)
6. St. Lucy's Gate
7. John Brown (Triumphal March)
8. Titanic
9. Snow White
10. Siamese Fighting Fish
11. Pylons

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