"I'm very hungry" in Czech translates as "Mam velky hlad". Saying this while rubbing your stomach usually results in a big plate of grub.

Funny thing about the Czech language is how easy it is to mix up the word for hunger hlad, and the word for castle, hrad. This mistake also usually results in a smile and a big plate of grub.

When you eat Czech food, you won't be hungry for long. Meals consist of hearty portions of meat and carbs, with some cabbage and cucumber on the side with some chleb (bread). Wash the meal down with a couple of delicious Czech beers (pivo) and you are on the way to a round belly. Some of my favorite Czech meals are kure (chicken), with knedlicky (bread dumplings), goulash, and smazeny syr (fried cheese). Rohliky are buns which are served with every meal and resemble a baguette.

The worst thing I ever ate in the Czech Republic was in Podebrady (small spa town) at what I fondly referred to as The Castleteria. The Castleteria was indeed in a castle where I attended university. In one on the wings we were served our daily ration of food. After the meals, you were required to scrape the leftovers from your plate into a bucket for the next days soup. One afternoon I had the equivalent of two slices of head cheese, deep fried with fishy mushroom gravy in the middle.

Don't let the food scare you, the Czech Republic is a magical country.
i will snist it all up.
A few corrections --

Just like in English, not every word in Czech is capitalized. Ahem. So... (without accent marks, which makes this all look very funny to me as I write it...)

"I'm very hungry" -- Mam velky hlad.
Chleb is indeed officially bread, although like English, spoken Czech rarely respects official Czech in the basics. Say "chleba" instead. (Ch = "hard h" -- pretend you're gasping for breath.)
Goulash -- gulas (pronounced like in English)
Fried cheese -- smazeny syr (smahzheny syr, with both "y"'s being like the "ee" in "cheese").
"Roliky" -- Rohliky (Rohleeky -- the h, like all letters in Czech, is not silent.)

I'll agree that the Czechs are not the masters of delicate cuisine. Now imagine being vegetarian and living there... you get really used really fast to smazeny syr... until you can't take it any more and stop eating in restaurants or start eating meat, or both.

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